How to buy in our online store

Before the start of the contract must visit an online store to register as a user, the user can start the registration process orders when the user is in the catalog of online shops to find the product you would like to subscribe, inserts it into the cart by clicking the button "in basket".

Steps to purchase from the basket:

The user selects the quantity in your cart items it wishes to subscribe, enter the coupon code (if entitled to it) and confirm the items by clicking on the "Checkout" The user then selects the billing address

The user selects the address and mode of delivery

The user selects the payment method selected commodities

The user confirms that he agrees with the terms and conditions, otherwise the contract can not be terminated

User last time before the award of the contract review and confirm by clicking on "Confirm Order".

After the last step has been completed and the contract is awarded. After the award of the contract user gets an email confirmation and order data.

This is an electronic part of the purchase is completed. Value of purchase and your data is transmitted to the internet shop.