The most effective protection of natural nails is achieved by varnishing or gelling nails. UV and LED gel is used in both procedures. In a more liquid form, it is used as a special nail polish, which is also called gel polish, permanent polish, gel polish or gelish (the most popular term). This special varnish hardens or dries under UV or LED light. The varnish is dry immediately after drying (up to 30 to 60 seconds), and you can draw any patterns on it, print stamps or decorate them with crystals, foils or nail stickers.

Benefits of gelish nails

The advantage of this polish is that it can hide imperfections on your nail, gives the nail a completely natural look, the nails are thin but firm, lasts from two to six weeks (professional gel polishes of well-known brands such as NailPerfect®…), is removed with special solvents (removers or Remover gel polish) in which the nail does not need to be sanded. If you use quality products, they will not leave any traces of varnishing or coloring on your natural nails, and your nails will be beautiful, longer and firmer after removal.

With gel polish, you can't lengthen your nails, you just strengthen and protect them to make them more flexible and durable. Gelish nail polish does not crumble and does not deviate from the nail like ordinary nail polish, provided that you close the nail properly even at the tip of the nail, so that water does not penetrate under the gelish nail polish and natural nail.

With gelish polish, your nails will look beautiful for a few weeks, while being firmer, shinier and flawless. We recommend this method to anyone who does not want excessively long nails, which would hinder you in your daily work. Even with gelish varnish, your nails will gradually lengthen as they do not break because natural nails because they are strengthened and protected by gel polish. When permanently varnishing nails with gel or gelish varnishes, you must apply the varnish in a thin layer and cure each layer separately under a UV or LED light.

For beginners, we advise you to try the use of permanent varnishes first, as the procedure is almost the same as varnishing with ordinary varnishes, only at the end of applying gelish varnish harden in a light under UV or LED light.

As a rule, the procedures for such varnishing are one coat of Base, two coats of paint and one coat of Top.

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Detailed instructions and procedure can be viewed

Benefits of gel nails

The second method is gel nails, where the nails are hardened more than with permanent varnishing, as a special gel is applied to them, which dries under an LED or UV light. Gel nails are recommended for women who want to lengthen their nails, change the shape of their nails or want to get rid of nail biting. In the process of gelling, the appearance of the nail is slightly thicker than in the technique of permanent varnishing with gel or. gelish varnishes as they have to “support” the extended part of the nail, but they can still look like natural nails. You can also draw any patterns on the gel nails, print stamps or decorate them with crystals, foils or nail stickers.

Gel nails are artificial nails and therefore last longer than permanently varnished nails, as their protection of the natural nail is also thicker. As a rule, this method requires correction for at least five weeks, as the "growth" of the nail is already too long, and the nails are not evenly thick and are no longer so aesthetic.

As a rule, the procedures for gelling nails are the application of the base gel (Base), several applications of the building gel with which we extend and shape the nails, and one application of the final gel (Top). Detailed instructions and procedure can be viewed

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When permanently varnishing or gelling the nail, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions, and the process of making and the quality of the gel polish is very important. gelisha or gel. When using a UV or LED lamp, we advise LED lamps as they are harmless to the eye and dry all types of gel varnishes or gels, but their differences are in the number of LEDs and the power of the light, which is specified in (W).