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UV Gel FINISH, 15 ml

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Brand: Cristina® nails
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FINISH 1-phase UV gel, which can be combined with other gels. Gel is a medium density, whereas provides quick and convenient use. UV gel dried under 36W UV lights for 2 minutes.


  1. Shape and prepare the nails and skin around the nails (manicure) with nail files.
  2. Gently push the skin around the nail with the right pusher or with a wooden manicure stick.
  3. Gently matt the whole nails with buffer block.
  4. Clean the whole nail with cleaner and make sure that the nail is completely clean and dry.
  5. Before applying construction gel, we recommend you use primer bonder (dries on air) which you apply on the natural nail because it increases the effect of gel.
  6. Then you apply gels in this order: contruction gel (2-3 coats), french white for the french tip (2 coats) and  finally the finish gel (one coat). Always apply the gel in thin coats and only on the nails, if you accidentally apply it on the skin around your nail, wipe it with a wooden manicure stick before drying with UV light.
  7. Dry each coat under UV light for 120 seconds (36W-UV light).
  8. Wipe the finish coat (finish gel) with a cleaner after drying it under UV light.
  9. If you are extending your nails with an artificial tip 
  10. choose the right width of the tip that fits your nail
  11. apply the glue on the pocket of the tip and glue it on the nail
  12. wait for the glue to dry, matt the nail and shape it however you want to (you can also shorten it with claws for artificial tips)
  13. file the crossing between the tip and the natural nail. Clean the whole nail with cleaner and make sure that the nail is completely clean and dry.
  14. Proceed from point 5 to point 8.

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