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All cosmetic equipment, furniture and appliances

At your request, we can, in cooperation with our business partner, prepare a very favorable and comp..
0.00 $

Bowl for soaking feet

Bowl for soaking feet. For the addition to the pedicure spa, we recommend the purchase of a ped..
14.48 $

Bowl for soaking feet on a trolley

Bowl for soaking feet on a trolley, can easily be removed from the base. Sturdy stable ste..
117.81 $

Cosmetic chair BEATB saddle

Comfortable and stable chair with backrest, with a profiled seat on the five-foot base with high-qua..
96.52 $

Cosmetic table cart 567

Functional cosmetic table from metal-glass on rubber wheels. The table has four glass..
194.45 $

Cosmetic table cart 568

Aesthetic cosmetic table from metal and glass, with rubberized wheels . The table has a capacious dr..
202.97 $

Cosmetic table cart 638

Functional metal-glass table with wheels and a pull-out shelf. This sturdy piece of furniture is ide..
229.93 $

Cosmetic table cart 756

Aesthetic cosmetic table from metal and glass, with rubberized wheels. It has three glass shelves. Y..
157.55 $

Magnifier LED Lamp 385, 5 X

A magnifying glass with a 5x magnification and a LED  light. Cosmetic care, manicure and pedicu..
97.94 $
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