Nail care and protection fluid

Nail care and protection fluid. Liquids for removing gel polish, polish, degreasing and cleaning the nail.

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Primer bonder 15 ml

Primer bonder 15 ml for dehydration and proper nail preparation. For thin and sensitive nails. Dry i..
11.87 $

Acrylic liquid 100 ml

Acrylic liquid for producing acrylic nail. The liquid mixed with an acrylic powder, solidified in ap..
10.79 $


BalbCare® Gloves for Manicure is a high quality pair of gloves made ​​of polyethylene containing 26g..
2.41 $ 2.13 $
BalbCare Socks

BalbCare Socks

BalbCare® Socks for Pedicure is a high quality pair of socks made ​​of polyethylene containing 30g u..
2.41 $ 2.13 $

Cleaner Blue scrub, 1000 ml.

A natural nail surface cleaner Blue Scrub cleanses and temporarily dehydrates the natural nail plate..
41.16 $

Cleaner 100 ml

Cleaner 100 ml..
3.26 $

CLEANER Cherry 100 ml

CLEANER cherry 100 ml..
3.26 $

Cleaner for brush 1000 ml

Cleaner for brush..
12.80 $


CLEANSER great removed a layer of gel and gel varnish after drying under light and nail generate exc..
3.49 $

Cleanser NP 100 ml

Cleanser to remove the stickey layer of the gel...
6.53 $

Cleanser NP, 1000 ml

Cleanser to remove the stickey layer of the gel...
24.13 $

Cleanser NP, 250 ml

Cleanser to remove the stickey layer of the gel...
10.22 $

Cuticle Remover -NP, 5 ml

Cuticle remover is used to remove excess cuticle from the nail plate. Softens the cuticle. Make..
3.12 $

Cuticle Remover 11ml

Cuticle Remover helps to remove excess skin in a gentle and effective way..
3.72 $

Dezinfection INSTAGEL, 240 ml.

Instant Clean hands and feet with the NailPerfect InstaGel! Use InstaGel before you start your servi..
7.59 $
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