Fiber Gel Mellow White, 14g

Fiber Gel Dark Nude, 14g

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Brand: Nail Perfect®
Product Code: 2373 FIBER GEL NP DARK NUDE 14g
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The NailPerfect® Fiber Gels creates an optimal adhesion, even on problematic nails. Fiber Gel is the perfect product to create thin and extremely strong nails because of the Fiber particles. Create strong, natural looking nails in a faster way with the NailPerfect UV Sculpting Gels. 


  • Extremely strong
  • Ideal to create thin nails
  • Ideal for problematic nails
  • Optimal adhesion
  • Self leveling
  • Soft curing
  • Medium viscosity
  • No yellowing
  • Easy to file
  • UV / LED curable: UV: 90 sec - LED: 60 sec


Step 1:  Prep the nail as usual

Step 2:  Apply a layer of Universal Air Bond NP to air dry in seconds

Step 3:  Use a gel brush to apply a thin layer of Fiber Gel of choice

Step 4:  Cure for 60 sec LED by clear, cure for 60 sec by a color Fiber Gel

Step 5:  Use the Fiber Gel as you would do so with the traditional gels and build the nail Step

Step 6:  Cure for 60 sec LED by clear, cure for 60 sec by a color Fiber Gel

Step 7:  Clean with the NailPerfect UV Cleanser

Step 8:  Shape the nail to the desired shape and length with file

Step 9:  Finish with the Upvoted High Shine Top

Step 10: Apply the cuticle oil and rub it with massage 

Curing time: UV: 90 sec - LED: 60 sec.

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