Acrylic Natural powder, 25g


Acrylic Soft white powder, 25g

Acrylic powder for nails 30g, clear

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Brand: Cristina® nails
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Clear acrylic powder for making acrylic nails.


1. Clean and disinfect yours and client's hands.

2. Softly matt the whole nail with a block file or a buffer.

3. Clean nails with a cleaner.

4. Apply a primer/bonder on the nail, be careful that the liquid doesn't touch the cuticuls.

5.1 Glue an artificial tip or a stencil on the nail and shape it.

5.2 Place a metal or plastic stencil on the nail for multiple usages.

6.  Soak the brush with acrilyc liquid.

7.  Dip the brush in the colourless acrilyc powder. Automatically, a ball of acrilyc mass in the size of pea with form on the brush.

8.  Divide the ball with acrilyc mass evenly on the nail to the desired shape and length. When extending, we devide the acrilyc mass from the roots of the nail to the top of the artificial tip.

9.  Clean the brush in-between the stages of the procedure in a brush-cleaning liquid. Let the acrylic material on the nails dry (approximately 2 minutes).

10. When the nail is dry, dip the brush in the acrylic liquid once again and then into the white acrylic powder (for french manicure).

11. Apply on the french tip with the white ball, shape it and wait for it to dry.

12. Dip a clean brush in acrilyc liquid and into pink acrilyc powder. Apply the ball with the material from the roots of the nail to the white french tip, shape it and wait for it to dry. 

13. Apply the last coat with a clean brush – colourless acrilyc powder and be careful to fix any irregularities. We can also file them in-between different stages and clean them everytime with a cleaner.

14. If you want coloures nails and not french ones, instead of white and pink acrilyc powder use coloured one in any desired colour. Apply the ball with coloured powder from the roots of the nail to the tip, shape it and wait for it to dry.

15. When the nail is dry, carefully remove the stencil/model (when using an artificial tip this doesn't count).

16. Take a file 100/180 and shape the nail however you want to.

17. Take a block file or a buffer and smooth the nail.

18. Take a »fine« file and polish the nail until shine.

19. For bigger shine and protection, you can apply topcoat on the nail.

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